How to Be Sexy


This week's video blog is about how to be sexy in order to attract more clients. But this isn't what you think (unless you've been to the Client Attraction Summit, then you know exactly what we're talking about)... It sounds like a really controversial video. But this isn't about hitting on your clients and it isn't about setting yourself up so clients ask you out on dates. Instead, … [Read More...]

The Golden Rule of Heartselling

Jesse Koren Leading the Client Attraction Summit

Over the last week, we've gotten several comments from people who were questioning our integrity AND our math skills. Ouch! It all began with last week's email, where we shared one of the secrets that is responsible for our clients getting such great results. We shared about the one-month game our clients play between the first and second events of our programs. At the second event, we calculate … [Read More...]

How to Create a Community of Leaders-Part I

Jesse Koren Leading the Client Attraction Summit

In July, we flew to Sedona for Eben Pagan’s invitation-only event called MetaMind, with some of the biggest leaders in the fields of coaching, technology, and art.  When Eben personally asked me (Jesse) to speak to this group of leaders about leadership, I was incredibly honored… and a bit nervous. Within an hour of arriving, I was blown away by the caliber of the attendees.  One man … [Read More...]

How to Ask for Referrals Authentically

Sharla Jacobs

Every coach and holistic practitioner dreams of getting their phone ringing with people who were referred.Why?Because referrals come to the Heartselling conversation knowing something about your work and already interested in working with you.Traditional sales training calls these folks, "pre-qualified." Meaning they have already raised their hand and said, "Yes, I want what you're offering."These … [Read More...]