Why You Should Never “Close” Another Sale


If the story I’m about to tell you makes you even a little uncomfortable, I invite you to continue reading because eventually it has a happy ending... Imagine you’re at a used car lot and you feel a presence lurking.  Yes, you need a car but you’re not really finding “your” car in this lot.  Suddenly, here he comes sauntering towards you.  You notice the way he looks at you, almost … [Read More...]

YIKES! My Pants Split Open on Stage


This past weekend, we led our Client Attraction Summit.   I (Jesse) had spent many hours the week before the event, praying for avalanches of abundance to flow to the entire Thrive Community.  So when I stepped on stage on Friday morning, even though I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep, I was on fire.   By Sunday morning, our attendees are literally glowing.  It’s about 11:00am.  The song … [Read More...]

How to Go From Lost Client to Loyal Client


It was 2003, when I first started my coaching and acupuncture practice...before Jesse and I started Thrive Academy. I'm at a local networking event and I’m feeling pretty anxious about getting some new clients because the amount of money I was making wasn't even covering my bills. I start talking to a woman who asks me what I do. I tell her I’m a licensed acupuncturist and she starts … [Read More...]

Providing Rock Star Service For Your Clients


We’re busy preparing for our biggest Client Attraction Summit ever! Even though we’ve led this event more than 70 times, we keep asking ourselves, “How can we make it an even better experience for our participants?” When you create an experience for your clients that is ultra-supportive and you over-deliver on what they expect from you, they are much more likely to feel … [Read More...]