How To Connect With Potential Clients: The Fire Element


Do you ever not know what to say when you meet someone new?Especially at a networking event... can ask, “What do you do?” But if you’ve ever felt shy, nervous or insecure at a party, live event, networking event (or anywhere where the intention is to mingle), you’re really going to love this video, where you’ll discover some of our secrets for how to connect with … [Read More...]

How to Get Big Influencers to Promote You


Have you ever wanted someone with a large email list to introduce you to their people? If so, you’re not alone (and you’ll get a TON of value from this article). We’ve had hundreds of well-meaning people ask us to promote them. And we can understand why.  Because we’ve grown our email list to over 20,000 people and we get around 1,000 people coming to our Client Attraction Summit … [Read More...]

Do You Have To Sacrifice Family For Success?


My (Jesse) high school counselor said, “If there’s no tension between the time you invest in your work life and the time you invest in your family life, then you are living half-a-life.”  Today, this makes so much sense to me. I know some fathers who leave for work before their kids are awake and arrive home just in time to tuck their kids in at night.  I honor these fathers for … [Read More...]

How to Position Yourself As An Expert


Maybe you don’t yet feel like an authority… But you’ve heard that you need to figure out how to position yourself as an expert if you want to become more attractive to your potential clients. Many people think that they have to wait until they have the level of expertise of their mentors to start positioning themselves as an expert. Or maybe you think you need to wait until you’ve … [Read More...]