5 Secrets to Avoid a Lawsuit


Lawsuits... Not the most inspiring subject in the world.  But if we don’t address it, you could needlessly end up in a very costly situation that drains you emotionally and financially. When we first started our business together, we were two young kids in our late 20’s and early 30’s… really nice, good kids, trying to change the world. We surrounded ourselves with love and … [Read More...]

What to do when you feel like collapsing


Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to collapse?  Where everything seems REALLY hard and REALLY big... And you feel really weak and small? Where everything inside of you is screaming to just give up?  And you would do anything to release the pressure? Sometimes people think that once you "make it," it's all roses and puppy dogs, LOL.  But the truth is that no … [Read More...]

How to Create Rockin' Live Events

Do Live Events Work?

People often ask us how we're able to produce 18 live events each year and have each one be so magical and alive. I (Sharla) answered this question on today's video. If you want to discover the two key factors that will make or break any live events you host (or participate in), you're going to love this video. You'll discover the secrets to engaging your people in a way that will forever … [Read More...]

How to Talk About What You Do if You Do Lots of Different Things

Sharla Jacobs - How to Talk about What You Do if You Do A Lot of Things

  Are you a D.L.O.S. (Does Lots of Stuff)? Meaning, are you someone who has several different ways you work with your clients? We often find that folks who have lots of different ways to help their clients have a difficult time figuring out how to talk about what they do. This is why I made this short video for you.     Comment and Share this video below PS. … [Read More...]