How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Make When the Sh*t Hits

Boys & Jesse

We are looking forward to spending Halloween with our boys tomorrow. And hope you've got some fun planned for yourself. Even though our kids aren't wearing scary costumes, today's blog post is about how to handle things when you get scared after the sh*t hits the fan in your business. Imagine this... After plugging away at your business for several months, suddenly, everything clicks into … [Read More...]

Is Mercury Retrograde Messing With You?


Years ago, we would roll our eyes any time we heard someone blame something on Mercury Retrograde. But over the years we’ve had enough f--‘d up things happen during Mercury Retrograde that we have become Believers, LOL. In fact, this may sound VERY woo-woo, but we do everything we can to avoid scheduling live events when Mercury is in Retrograde (with 18 live 3-day events each year, that’s … [Read More...]

How we Balance Work, Parenting, and Romance


People often wonder how we are able to lead 18 live events each year (52 days total), lead a team of 17 people, have hundreds of high-end clients, and still make time for romance, our boys, and self-care. We have to admit, it’s not always easy... Especially, this past Monday.  It was our 7-year wedding anniversary.  We had planned to take the whole day for ourselves for a hot tub, long … [Read More...]

NEVER do this on stage


If you read our recent email with the subject, “For workshop leaders only…” then you know about how Callan Rush used to lead our Client Attraction Summit years ago. She started training with Jesse in March of 2007. You can imagine how overwhelming it must have been for Callan to walk in and have to learn all of our scripts and stories. She showed up like a pro. And one of her biggest … [Read More...]