Providing Rock Star Service For Your Clients


We’re busy preparing for our biggest Client Attraction Summit ever! Even though we’ve led this event more than 70 times, we keep asking ourselves, “How can we make it an even better experience for our participants?” When you create an experience for your clients that is ultra-supportive and you over-deliver on what they expect from you, they are much more likely to feel … [Read More...]

“If You’re A Healer, You’re Not Supposed To Sell”: A Case Study with Tomasa Macapinlac


Are you a healer who believes you’re not supposed to sell? Maybe you’ve been working at it for a while and you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling or a block around how big you can grow, how many clients you can get, or how much money you can earn. Sometimes we are just too close to our own story and can’t see the path that leads to the next level for ourselves. That’s why I love hearing … [Read More...]

How to Raise Your Rates (And Feel Good About It)


Have you ever wanted to raise your rates, but the voices of fear keep you from actually doing it? These internal voices say things like: Who are you to think you can charge more? Is it even spiritual to accept money at all? If you were really spiritual you would do this work for free! No one will sign up because they won’t be able to afford it. People will think you’re greedy or in it … [Read More...]

How to Get Great Testimonials


Way back when we were planning for our wedding, we checked out an endless amount of photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, and every other possible type of vendor associated with “The Big Day”. What really helped me (Sharla) make decisions and often took some vendors out of the running, was testimonials. If a vendor didn’t have them, I almost always eliminated them in my … [Read More...]