The 3 Ways to Get Clients to Say Yes


When most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners think about creating a Marketing Plan, they get really uncomfortable, because they have NO idea where to begin. On today’s video, I reveal the 3 Ways to Get Clients to Say Yes to working with you. And when you decide which (or how many) of these ways you’ll get the Yes, it’s super easy to figure out how to get more clients. Watch the video … [Read More...]

Is Your Business Vision Too Big Or Too Small?

Business vision

Last week, we invited you to create a crystal clear vision for your business. The question you might have now is: “Is my business vision too big or too small?” In this week’s video, you’ll learn how to know when your business vision is “just right.”  Even when you’re Vision is “just right,” you can expect your Gremlins™ to start piping up and saying awful things about … [Read More...]

How to Create Your Crystal Clear Vision


Do you ever feel bored with your business or you find yourself struggling to make ends meet? If your answer is Yes, then it’s likely you’re missing one of the most essential keys to attract clients without struggle. Today’s article will help you understand why you’re stuck and how to change it. Now, if you are like us, you’ve had people laugh at your dreams and say things like: Get … [Read More...]

How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Make When the Sh*t Hits

Boys & Jesse

We are looking forward to spending Halloween with our boys tomorrow. And hope you've got some fun planned for yourself. Even though our kids aren't wearing scary costumes, today's blog post is about how to handle things when you get scared after the sh*t hits the fan in your business. Imagine this... After plugging away at your business for several months, suddenly, everything clicks into … [Read More...]