A New Paradigm of “Selling From the Stage”

Client Attraction Summit Participants Jan 2015

We just got back from leading an amazing Client Attraction Summit.  We were SO inspired by the Coaches and Holistic Practitioners who showed up and the transformations they experienced!  And truthfully, underneath everything, Sharla and I were both feeling really anxious prior to the event.   We weren’t anxious about whether people would love the event.  After hearing from thousands of … [Read More...]

The Question that Changes Everything


We’re busy getting ready to lead the Client Attraction Summit in San Francisco tomorrow. We are expecting a room full of amazing people who are flying in from all over the US, Canada and the UK to be here… And truthfully, our energy is pulled toward how to make this event life-changing, powerful and as awesome as possible. When it was time for writing the weekly email and blog post, we … [Read More...]

How to Tame the Most Intense Business Challenge


Most coaches and holistic practitioners start their business because they want to do meaningful work. Can you relate? But they often don’t realize how challenging running their own business can be. When it gets challenging, especially so challenging that it shakes you at your core, who are you going to be in the face of adversity? What if there were two questions you could ask yourself that … [Read More...]

How to Make the Internal Shifts Necessary to Achieve Your Vision

Jacob and Zach meet Santa on the train to Christmas Town

We hope you've enjoyed this mini-course on how to make sure 2015 is the best year yet. We want to end this series with some serious inspiration. This will be especially powerful for you if you're feeling stuck in your business or your life. Here is a story from my own life on the external shifts I made to achieve my 2003 Vision to have a full coaching practice...and how you can do the … [Read More...]