How to Create Rockin' Live Events

Do Live Events Work?

People often ask us how we're able to produce 18 live events each year and have each one be so magical and alive. I (Sharla) answered this question on today's video. If you want to discover the two key factors that will make or break any live events you host (or participate in), you're going to love this video. You'll discover the secrets to engaging your people in a way that will forever … [Read More...]

How to Talk About What You Do if You Do Lots of Different Things

What to do when you're going through Hell in your Business

  Are you a D.L.O.S. (Does Lots of Stuff)? Meaning, are you someone who has several different ways you work with your clients? We often find that folks who have lots of different ways to help their clients have a difficult time figuring out how to talk about what they do. This is why I made this short video for you.    Comment and Share this video below PS. Full … [Read More...]

What To Do When You're Going Through Hell in Your Business

What to do when you're going through Hell in your Business

Have you ever noticed that when you’re preparing to take a big step in your business, “all Hell breaks loose (and it seems like the Universe just isn’t on your side)?” This has been our experience many times over the past 9-1/2 years. We know some mentors will tell you it can be all roses and buttercups (LOL), but the journey of growing your business isn’t always fun. Sometimes, it … [Read More...]

What to Say When Someone "Can't Afford it..."


In last week's video, you discovered that if you want your potential clients to say yes to you, you must be willing to step up in your own life and say "YES" to YOUR own Highest Commitments (even if it's hard or scary). Because it's nearly impossible to inspire your clients to invest in themselves by saying YES to your services if you're not willing to say YES to your Highest Commitments (no … [Read More...]