We’ve been on the brink of disaster…


Whew!! What a ride this last month has been. We are about to do our biggest online launch ever! We have 38 JV Partners who are going to be sending the people on their email lists over to learn some of our hottest tips on attracting clients. Together, these partners have a collective reach hundreds of thousands of people. It's VERY exciting! So, we want to do this launch REALLY well, … [Read More...]

Transition into a Heartselling Conversation (without being salesy)


Has this ever happened to you? You’re at a live event and you’re hoping you’ll meet someone who would be a good client. You strike up a conversation and it becomes obvious to you this person might be a good match for the work you do. And you want to gracefully transition from just a social conversation into a Heartselling™ conversation, without seeming intrusive or pushy… So how do … [Read More...]

Why Clients Cancel (and What to do About It)


Have you ever had a new client cancel right after signing up? We were leading our Client Attraction Mastery Event last weekend and I decided to make this video for you before I left the house.   If you want to understand why this happens and what you can do to avoid it happening again, watch this video.   Let us know what you think in the comment box below. … [Read More...]

How to Position Yourself (If You Don’t Feel Successful Yet)…

featured-post-March 18

About seven years ago, I (Jesse) was at a party and my former life coach approached me and said, “I’ve heard that you and Sharla have become quite successful.  Congratulations!”  I was speechless.  Us?  Successful?  Really?  Is that what people think about us?  Why was I so surprised and embarrassed? Sure, we had made $732,000 that year (in our third year of business together), but … [Read More...]