The Wood Element: How to Ask Potential Clients to Work with You


Most coaches and holistic practitioners are great at connecting with people. And they get excited to share about their work with a potential client.  But they usually aren’t good at asking for the business.  (Other sales trainings call this “closing the sale,” but we prefer to say help potential clients make a commitment to themselves.) Does this sound like you… You’re talking with … [Read More...]

The Water Element: How Being Curious Can Build Your Client Base


The Water Element is one of the most powerful of the 5 Elements in our Heartselling™.  Why? Because it’s all about how to use curiosity when talking with potential clients. When you start using the Water Element, you’ll quickly start building your client base. Instead of trying to convince potential clients that they need what you have, you will ask specific questions that will help them … [Read More...]

The Metal Element: How to Acknowledge a Potential Client


Sharla just left for a 5-day trip to speak at the eWomen Network Conference in Dallas. I (Jesse) miss her already. And, after watching the video she just made for you, I miss her even more. In this video, she shares how to use the Metal Element of Acknowledgment to attract clients. It’s not just what she says, but how she says it that completely drew me in and had me forget about anything … [Read More...]

Being in Service to Potential Clients: The Earth Element


Many Coaches and Holistic Practitioners lose clients because they over-give or under-give. It’s a big question. Some say that you should wait to give valuable information to potential clients until they are paying you. But the problem is that it’s hard for them to trust that they’ll get tremendous value from you if they haven’t had a taste of what you offer. Others give away so much … [Read More...]