Faith, Trust and Fear

Faith, Trust and Fear (A Story About How Money Shows Up When You Expect It To)

One of the hardest times in my life was about 10 years ago. Our first son, Jacob, had just been born.

Everything looked great on the outside. The year before we had earned $732,000. But we were like teenagers with our money. We didn’t know how to manage it. We made lots of mistakes, over committed to a lot of things, had some difficulties with team.

We had gotten married that year and then Sharla got pregnant right away.

So there we were… It was 2008 and Sharla wanted to unplug from the business to be with our boy. And so I (Jesse) was responsible for the business and money was super, super tight like SCARY tight.

We were in a situation where we had a lot of team members and didn’t know how we were going to pay them and just lots of chaos. And Sharla didn’t want me to tell her any of that stuff because she wanted to be in the baby bubble.

And so I was feeling anxious and scared and alone…

But sometimes I would take Baby Jacob out for walks down our street where we lived at the time, Benito Avenue.

Even though I had so much fear, I wanted to find coins on the ground as a sign from the Universe that money would come…

So that’s what I would do. I would walk around with Jacob in a baby carrier and I’d search for coins. And everyday I would usually come back with a nickel or a penny or a even a quarter…

And every time I picked up a coin, I’d say,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The universe loves me. More is on its way!”

I would make it mean, even though money was tight in that moment, that money was coming to me, that there is a God. And God knows me and sees me and is sending money to me and we’re going to be okay…

Fast forward and somehow, we found a way to pay our team and get out of that scary situation. And I truly believe that my faith and trust in the Universe was a big part of the turnaround.

Since that time, we’ve taught over 50,000 Coaches and Holistic Practitioners our step-by-step systems for attracting more clients using our signature “Heartselling” method…and we’ve become known for launching Transformational Leaders. So, yes, it all worked out–although we still get our share of curve balls. 🙂

Cool story, but it gets better…

A couple years ago, I told both of our boys, Jacob and Zachary, about walking around Benito and finding all this money…

And so they got it in their minds that Benito was a street that’s laden with cash.

The other day, Zach says, “Daddy-let’s go to Benito Avenue and find some money.”

So we went to Benito…

And within 5 minutes we actually found a penny,…

It was evidence that the Universe was looking out for us and supporting us. And so that felt great. I was like, “Wow, my old magnetism is back!”

But I knew that wasn’t going to be the thrill Zach was looking for.

So right before we went, I’d gone to Whole Foods and got a bunch of quarters and some dollar bills.

And as we went on this adventure, I was hiding quarters and dollar bills in different places.
I had to be super sneaky about it. Anytime I’d count some change he’d be like, “Daddy, do you have money?”

For about an hour I was hiding money around fire hydrants and telephone poles (I think he’s going to grow up with this belief that fire hydrants and telephone poles are the place where money just kind of hangs out, LOL)…

I put it there so I would remember where to find it. So I would put it down and then I’d say, ‘We should circle back to that fire hydrant. Did you check that fire hydrant really well?’. Then we’d check it…

And lo and behold, there would be a quarter or a dollar or some other coin right there. And we would dance and delight in the money he found…

All-in-all, he made a few dollars on our adventure out.

I couldn’t help but think that I was like this angel that was planting money and he was this open receptacle, expecting that this “Disneyland,” this Benito Avenue is going to be loaded with cash.

This is such a powerful metaphor for what happens in life that when we’re open and we’re expecting money to just show up…

It does.

It’s as if the angels are delighting in the planting of it, in different places in our lives…

And they’re surprising us and delighting us with their “unexpected” gifts that we’re expecting– we’re sort of open to and ready for and willing to let in– but at the same time trusting and having faith that it’s actually on its way.

If money is a struggle right now,

I invite you to shift your paradigm from Fear to Trust and Faith…to start expecting it…and to delight in every penny, every nickel, every dime, every quarter, every dollar, every 5 dollars…every amount that comes in… And bless it and ask for more…

One of my favorite prayers is, “Thank you. More please.”

When I say this prayer, I feel like I get in touch with angels who just love, love, love surprising and delighting us humans with gifts to make our life easier and more exciting and more pleasant.

I hope this story inspired you.

And one of things that’s given us joy, as we’ve made millions and millions of dollars over the years by helping our clients earn over $100 Million Dollars collectively… We’ve had the joy and delight to be, on some level, the human angels for so many of our clients who’ve gone through our program and gone to make six figures and even seven figures in their business.

And so I’m grateful – so grateful for this mission and this Friendly Universe that we live in.

Keep sending out the love and expecting the money and the love to come in.

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