How to Use Acknowledgement to Get More Clients

When you use the Metal Element and authentically acknowledge your potential clients, they’re much more likely to want to work with you. Discover how this Element influences your Heartselling conversations.

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There are 5 Elements within our Heartselling system. If you’re missing even one of them, your conversation is likely to fall flat and you won’t get the client or a referral. One of the Elements most often missed is the Metal Element. This Element is about our connection with the Divine. When you use Metal in your Heartselling conversations, you acknowledge your potential client in a way that they feel seen deeply–and they’ll want to continue working with you.

Think about all of the beautiful minerals and gems tucked away in the depths of the Earth. For centuries, people have dedicated themselves to extracting these gems because of their beauty and value.

With the Metal Element, you’re searching for the gem that lives inside your potential client. You’re searching for the stunning diamond that they have inside.


Finding this precious gem allows you to see the person’s true value and acknowledge it.

This is so important because your potential clients want to feel acknowledged. All too often, Coaches and Holisitc Practitioners focus only on their potential clients’ pain and challenges.

And while these things are important, focusing solely on them can make you seem critical. Your potential client may place you in the Sales box if you focus solely on what’s wrong with them.

If you’re in the Heart Box, you try to make them feel good by flattering them, but it can come across as disingenuous. The potential client may think that you’re trying too hard to get them to like you.

In achieving balance with this Element, you acknowledge the brilliance that they have to offer while also helping them understand how you can make that gem shine brighter.

How the Metal Element and Acknowledgment Work Together

So, what is the big deal about acknowledgment?

Every potential client you meet has a deep desire to be seen. When they don’t feel seen, they leave the conversation feeling empty and unfulfilled. Even if you have acknowledged the challenges they’re facing, if you don’t also acknowledge who they are as a person, they can leave the conversation feeling criticized.

This is so important for a simple reason.

Typically, we remember how a conversation made us feel more than we remember the actual words used. You will recognize this yourself when you think back to the deepest conversations you’ve had in your life. You may remember the topic of the conversation, but it’s likely that you don’t remember the specifics.

It’s more likely you remember the sense of fulfillment that conversation created.

Mastering the Metal Element means focusing on creating that sense of fulfillment. It helps your clients leave the conversation feeling happy and seen.

Ultimately, the Metal Element represents our connection with the Universe. It represents your ability to connect to the divine that lives in everybody. Acknowledgment simply means that you see the beautiful diamond inside.

This extends far beyond giving somebody a compliment.

Anybody could say “nice shirt” and it means little in the long run. Acknowledgment means you understand some wonderful quality that few others can see in the potential client.

It’s this ability that builds a deeper connection and helps the potential client see that you understand them.

3 Ways to Acknowledge Your Potential Clients

Now that you understand the importance of acknowledgment, you need to know how to do it. How do you master the Metal Element to improve the chances of a potential client wanting to work with you?

Here are 3 types of acknowledgement you can use in your next Heartselling conversation:

Acknowledgement Type #1: Acknowledge their Character

Look for something brilliant about your potential client.

There are so many things you can focus on here, including:

  • How they’ve grown – personally and professionally
  • The things you see that are wonderful about them right now

For example, you might recognize they have gone through a lot in their life and could say something like: “I appreciate your courage in being willing to share all of this with me.”

Acknowledgement Type #2: Acknowledge their Commitment

Perhaps your potential client expresses that they have a commitment to grow their business, get their health back or find a romantic partner?

Acknowledge them for this desire and moving toward what they want in their life.

Tell them that you understand and want to help them to fulfill it. Recognize the courage they’ve shown for battling as long as they have without achieving the fulfillment they desire. And recognize the courage it takes for them to try something new with you.

For example, you could say:
“I heard you say earlier that you are deeply committed to your health.”

Acknowledgement Type #3: Acknowledge what you see is possible for your potential client

You could say something like: “I heard you say that you want to feel strong and vibrant again,” for example.

One VERY important caveat when using the Metal Element is that when it comes to acknowledgement, you can always do Type 1 acknowledgement, acknowledging people’s character.

But if you acknowledge their commitment and potential without also using the Water Element, it can come across as salesy.

Which is why we’ll go deeply into all 5 Elements at our Upcoming Client Attraction Summit.

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Acknowledgement Type #3: Acknowledge what you see is possible for your potential client

When you approach the conversation from a state of appreciation, this helps you to recognize the potential client’s brilliance. It takes practice to recognize and acknowledge the brilliance in others.

If you’re new to acknowledging others, here are some simple questions to ask yourself to help you find their brilliance:

  • What is so amazing about this person?
  • What do you appreciate most about the person?
  • Do you see something great in this person that even they don’t see just yet?

Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you intuitively get their greatness and this becomes easy.

Search for the Diamond

Ultimately, your own healthy and balanced Metal Element gives you the ability to see your potential client. It’s about digging beneath the surface to unearth the precious gem that sits inside them.

When you acknowledge a potential client, you hold that gem up for them to see. And in some cases, they will see that gem for the first time too.

Acknowledgment helps your potential clients understand that you’re more than a problem-solver. Instead, you’re somebody who wishes to see them reach their true potential.

The Metal Element is just one of the 5 Elements of Heartselling. However, there are 4 others to master before you can use this system to attract and enroll more clients.

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